Need to cut more grass with same crew? We have a solution for that!


What is MowPilot?

MowBotix is proud to announce our product MowPilot. MowPilot is an automation system that allows mowing equipment to be ran in an autonomous fashion. This enables commercial lawn care operators to increase their work capacity without expanding their current labor force. For internal maintenance crews, allows them to work on more pressing matters while a single person can operate 1-15 mowers simultaneously.

More details coming soon including videos!


Tech and hard work for perfect lawns

Core part of our business is innovation. We strive for consistent perfect lawns. We continue research and development to allow us to deliver while maintain reliability, service, and most importantly, perfect lawns.

More details on our mowing technology soon.


Located in Springfield, MO and tired of mowing lawn we decided to automate a time consuming task. Using a combination of research, technology, and hard work are able to build a system that makes life a little easier.

Have Questions?

The ability to automate brings a lot of questions.