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Expanding MowBotix’s Applications

The amount of outreach for applications or processes that can be improved through automation outside of mowing really surprised us. This includes applications from golf

MowBotix Cloud

MowBotix Cloud: A High Level Look

We are happy to announce MowBotix Cloud. The human interface that makes operating the MowBotix MB-200 automation system a breeze that woks on mobile, tablet,


Announcing MowBotix MB-200

MowBotix MB-200 Autonomous Mowing After a lot of time, work, and testing we are happy to announce our first product, the MowBotix MB-200 autonomous mowing


Introducing MowBotix

What is MowBotix? We are fans of the small robotic mowers and their indoor brethren, Roomba. When we looked for a commercial mowing solution, or