Our little family

We don't make mowers specifically, but we do spend a lot of time equipping each mower with a MowBotix system to fully automate. After a while each mower took a personality of its own.

Lucille 2

Our first mower with our new computing platform and next generation steering system to interface with any commercial gas mower. Producing straighter, more precise stripes. See in action


Our first implementation with a commercial grade fully electric mower. First mower to not only be electric, but extremely quiet compared to the other models. See in action


First prototype that mowed well. It surely had a few quirks of its own, but allowed us to revise, refine, and iterate MowBotix systems. A lot of safety systems were put in place for Buster. See in action


Our very first prototype. The name is fitting since we weren't for sure how well an automated gas powered mower would work. Unfortuantely, the left side hydro pump stopped working before we could fully test, leading to Buster.