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Bring automation to
your lawn, business, or farm.

How to get started:


$ 499 Monthly per unit
  • Ideal for businesses looking to use autonomous technology in production capacity that require support.


$ 899 Monthly per unit
  • Ideal for organizations using autonomous technology in applications that require little downtime.

Manufacturer or Reseller?

Bring automation to existing products for various applications.


Detailed Comparison




< 48 Hour Response

< 8 Hour Response




Base Stations



Job History

1 year

3 year

Multiple Users / Group Support

Multi User

Multi Brand & User

Over The Air (OTA) Updates

Bulk/Drone Imagery Import

Bulk/Drone Imagery Import

GIS Site Import

External RTK Ingestion

API Access

Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware is required to start?

Professional and Enterprise plans require an approved hardware kit to provide support.

Is a cellular plan required?

The autonomous mowing unit requires internet connectivity to communicate with MowBotix Cloud for job dispatching and control. Base Station configured for permanent installation do not require cellular service. We offer cellular plans for both Base Station and autonomous unit at $75/mo/device.

Is the Base Station considered a unit for billing?

The Base Station does not require a separate plan and is included in all plans.

Do I pay for the off-season?

A monthly service is required during the months of operation, generally the mowing season. No charges are incurred during the off season.

Can I provide my own computer and hardware kit?

Yes, but only with the Inventor plan.